Thursday, August 4, 2016

2016 Mazda Miata MX-5 - Top Pick

Consumer Reports recently released their 2016 Top Picks for cars.  They said, “We set a high bar for the cars we rated the best in the U.S.  Each leader in its category drives beautifully, boasts solid reliability, did well in crash tests, and makes owners happy”.  Those last three words really nailed it for CR's choice in the sports car category as the lovable redesigned 2016 Mazda Miata MX-5 got the honors. 

The Miata's owners totally agree as this two seater convertible does the job in “Happy”.  Just ask one or better yet see this Miata MX up close and personal with a test drive from the friendly folks at Hixson Mazda located at 2506 MacArthur Drive, in Alexandria, LA or call the dealership at 318.448.0871 and get prepared for an enjoyable experience. 

To receive this Top Pick from Consumer Reports a car has to make top grades in Performance, Reliability, Safety and of course Owner Satisfaction.   This Mazda Miata is the true driver’s classic roadster that is affordable, agile, and just fun to drive.  You will make excuses just to drive it somewhere and drop the top.  This sports car can't wait to explore the back country roads with you and yours.  The new MX-5 is shorter, lighter, faster and yet roomier than its previous models.

It starts with an aluminum hood and under it is an easy-revving aggressive 2.0-liter four cylinder that punches out 155 very lively horses.  It quickly scoots you down the road with a choice of a smooth shifting automatic transmission or the popular six-speed manual.  This setup also delivers a combined 34 mpg; not bad for a sports car.  Bumper to bumper, this stylish Miata is just so much of a delight to drive, which you will quickly discover in your test drive; it’s not just hype as this two seater is even better than advertised. 

Standard features for the Sport trim include 16-inch alloy wheels, LED lights, Bluetooth and much more.  If you move up to the popular Club trim, you will receive Sport-tuned suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers, limited-slip differential, awesome engine sound enhancer, 17-inch wheels, rear spoiler and other neat gadgets.  For example, try the 9 speaker Bose audio system in the headrests, it is the very best system for delivering music in a convertible.  Another great choice for a test drive is the Grand Touring Miata MX-5.  It comes with leather, navigation, some very important safety features and automatic climate control when you are forced to put the top back up.  Flipping the top up is really a breeze as well as storing it. 

To be honest, this MX-5 from Mazda isn't suited for taking your foursome to the golf course or even a trip to Home Depot unless you need a quart of paint.  Leave those chores to Miata's bigger Mazda's.  The MX-5 is built to have fun with you in your drive times, pure and simple.  If you desire that type of an automobile, then do check out this sports car.  The bet is on that you will drive away with a smile on your face, not only because you have put the “fun factor” in your drive times, but also for the great deal you received.

Visit for more information about the MX-5 and to see all the great vehicles in the Mazda line-up today!

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